Thursday, August 4, 2011

SYTYCD: The Top 6 Fight for It

I have to admit, for the first half hour or so, I wasn't sure this was going to be a great show, but it ended up surprising me somewhere along the way. Plus, I'm really starting to like this celebrity judge thing.

Melanie and Twitch- Hip Hop - this was the kind of hard-hitting hip-hop that fans have been complaining Melanie hasn’t been challenged with yet. I don’t agree with Nigel that she’s good at everything. I thought this concept was adorable but I didn’t love the song or the routine, and honestly, I didn’t think Melanie did such a great jobs with it. It wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t Top 6 material.

Sasha and Kent- Contemporary – This was my early pick for best routine of the night. I really like Tyce’s contemporary piece, and I do have a things for props as well. Not such a Kent fan, but I got over it. Sasha brings so much to her dancing. She is so stunning every time. I think Christina Applegate was completely right with what she said about Sasha.

Marko and Janette – Paso Doble - I wasn’t the hugest fan of Janette in Season 5, mainly because she was my girl Jeanine’s competition. But seeing her back, I really liked her. This wasn’t exactly the Brandon and Jeanine Paso from Season 5. The cape move was about all I enjoyed in this routine.

Ricky- I usually don’t comment on the solo’s because there’s only so much for me, the uneducated viewer, to say about them. This week, though, there were standout solos that I just couldn’t overlook so I feel like I have to mention them. Ricky’s was fine. Nothing special. That is all.

Tadd and Ellenore – Jazz - No question that Ellenore is like a Sonya Tayeh love child. I personally feel that Sonya does better with abstract concepts and emotions than she does with period pieces and specifics. I totally agreed with Nigel when he said there wasn’t enough dancing (actually I said it first… ask my roommate…). I can appreciate Tadd awesome Cirque Du Soleil situation, but again, it just wasn’t really a Top 6 routine.

Caitlynn- I think Caitlynn did a pretty good job with that. I found myself thinking through her solo that I felt bad for her. She’s so good, but her competition is Melanie and Sasha. How unlucky can a girl get? I wish they’d just do a Top 5 for the finale. That could work, right?

Ricky ft. Jaimie – Contemporary - I love Dee Caspary. Sure he never smiles or really gives an impression that he liked the routine after it was performed, but I truly think he’s a brilliant choreographer. I love the way he creates fluidity in chaos. He can make movement look beautiful without having the dancers moving at once. The complexity gets me every time. I loved the concept here too and I think Jaimie was great. I really like Ricky, but he got lost tonight in this routine. He didn’t get into character, wasn’t domineering or strong like he should have been. It’s a shame really, because it should really have been a contender for best of the night. For another awesome Dee routine, see below.

Tadd – I don’t know why Tadd’s solos aren’t better than they are. I feel like I’ve seen some really awesome B-boy solos in SYTYCD seasons past, but Tadd hasn’t been doing anything for me. He usually has some cool trick but doesn’t pack the solo with them. Last week it was the sideways stand on the scaffolding. This week it was standing on one hand for…ever. I love the boy, but he could do better.

Sasha – I think this was one of Sasha’s better solos. She too, though, doesn’t show us everything in her solos. I miss the days when she danced with Natalia. Where is the Sasha we see in the choreographed routines? She doesn’t visit her in solos?

Caitlynn ft. Pasha – Samba – Caitlynn is good at ballroom! I mean what the hell? She is good at ballroom! I really loved this. It kept my attention in a way that not many ballroom routines really do. I was so happy in the way Caitlynn shined tonight.

Marko – Marko hit the ground running with this. I think his solo was really good. I imagine the difference in solos is largely based on choreography, but good for him for choosing something packed with dancing.

Melanie – I think we all know this is why I was commenting on solos. In reality though, this one was kind of beyond words. No question, Melanie is wonderful. I think it’ll come down to her and Sasha for the win. While I am still in love with Jeanine’s finale solo from Season 5, this rivals it for one of the tops.

Sasha and Ricky- Whacking – No doubt this was interesting. I expected it to be more mind-blowingly fast. I didn’t really expect such a jovial song but it was still fun.

Melanie and Tadd- Broadway – I love Spencer Liff routines. I love how he has a way of telling a great story that enhances a piece rather than overwhelming it. I though Melanie got all of the credit for the routine, when Tadd really had a chance to shine and took it. He was completely in character and his dancing was really good (I thought…)

Marko and Caitlynn- Jazz – Now here was a Sonya piece I could get into. Like I said, better with emotions. I was so thrilled for Caitlynn watching this routine. If she goes home tomorrow, at least she had tonight’s performances. Truly amazing. Was it just me, or was a little something happening between these two dancers?

Best Routine of the Night – This is a toss-up for me (I know, lame…) between Sasha and Kent’s contemporary and Caitlynn and Marko’s Jazz. They were both great. Why choose?

Best Costume of the Night – I think I’m going to give this to the badass Red Riding Hoodie that Melanie wore for the first routine. Did you see the frilly pockets? The laces?  It was so perfect.

Best Overall of the Night- There were more than a few great performances tonight, but I feel that Caitlynn really deserves this one. She really shone.

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