Friday, July 15, 2011

Burn Notice Recapture its Purpose

It took some time this season, but Burn Notice is back! The show had a little trouble finding itself after last season's finale. After four seasons of searching and fighting, Michael had a way back into the CIA. The finale left fans wondering if the show would have anywhere to go after that and if the show would be able to hold its purpose. I was more than a little worried that Burn Notice past the burn notice would go the way of Prison Break past the prison break. But last night's episode of the USA fan favorite reassured me that there was no cause for alarm. Plus, the charger is back!

The first few episodes of Season 5 of Burn Notice were dangerously close to purposelessness. The show is known for its episode-long story arcs and its larger, season-long conspiracies. But after fighting his way back into the CIA, Michael seemed to anti-climatically start his new life as a part of the CIA once more. It was a little lacking in the closure department, but hey, at least he had a non-evil contact for once, right? Well, I should've known... SPOILER ALERT: Poor Max bit it in the last few minutes of this week's episode. Not only that, but we learned that someone is trying to frame Michael for Max's murder.

I'll be honest, I'm actually genuinely sad to see Max go, but it was a necessary sacrifice to bring the show back to its glory. It might be endlessly frustrating for Michael, Fiona, Sam and now Jesse that they seem to spend more time at square one than they do eating yogurt, but I'm thrilled that there is now an entirely new group of people and organizations to hunt down in the search for redemption and justice. I can't wait for next week!

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