Sunday, June 12, 2011

Glee Fans Rejoice!

12 hopefuls Gleek out
Tonight marked the series premiere of The Glee Project. And you know what? I didn't hate it. Maybe it was the groan factor of the fact that it was on Oxygen- a network I personally only associate with TV-coma-inducing America's Next Top Model marathons- but I expected to hate it. Friends of mine will tell you that I am not a Glee fangirl in any way. I watch it here and there to keep up with the times, but since The Morning After on Hulu started doing a weekly "gleecap" it's hardly been necessary. The point is I think that The Glee Project has all the heart and genuineness that Glee thinks it has.

The Glee Project is a reality competition for a 7-episode arc on Glee. from the casting special that preceded the premiere, I learned that they were looking for individuals- people who would never have gotten the chance before. And while it seemed like a lame hook to draw viewers, I found myself believing it. The show makes an effort to show who the contestants are and what they're going through more than they edit it for drama factor (which I suspect they will do more and more as the kids start to get competitive).

The gimmicks are cute. The people running the show seem genuine: including Glee's casting director, vocal coach and choreographer. We even got to meet the weird bearded guy who plays piano. His name is Brad. Crazy, right?

My favorite so far? Cameron- He's a hipster nerd with a guitar and original songs. He seems like a real musician to me, actually playing with his few lines in Katy Perry's 'Firework' to work for his voice and to stand out. My favorite Glee songs are the ones that aren't replicas of the originals. Cameron's it for me in that sense. 

For the entertainment factor, I'm kind of intrigued by Emily. She's a total nutcase, but it kind of works. I could totally see her on the show... I'll reserve judgment on the rest for now (as if!) but there's a good chance I'll keep watching. It's not like I can forget. The posters plaster every bus and subway station and this ninja uses public transportation to get to work. Plus I keep seeing the ads during the America's Next Top Model marathons...

Now I have to go watch Game of Thrones before I'm spoiled on what the headlines are calling "horrific twist."

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