Monday, June 20, 2011

The Glee Project: Things Go My Way!

So sue me, I watched The Killing and Game of Thrones before The Glee Project. Season finales automatically take precedent. But more than that, I've always taken scripted more seriously than reality, even if said responsibility is a competition series, which is far more appealing. Exception: So You Think You Can Dance... but if you even glanced over this blog, you already knew that.

I enjoyed this week's episode, though I took issue with the format more than I did last week. I mean, the main music video was finished less than halfway through the episode and the rest was left to the callbacks and singing for Ryan Murphy. Not that i don't enjoy these segments, but it seems a little ridiculous that we barely get to see our favorites and most of the screen time is taken up by weaker characters. Granted, the show does a good job of allowing us to bond with each of the contestants, but still.

Here are my favorites from this week...
- Cameron- Yes, still. He's adorable. Sorry. I couldn't believe how gypped he got on the Lady Gaga number. He didn't even sing! He looked awesome in the video though.
- Emily- I know it's surprising. Emily should be the classic reality TV bitchy girl that I hate, but her brand of crazy truly works for the show in my opinion. I think she did better than they gave her credit for.
- Samuel- He's got this star quality to him and I see how he could bring something new to Glee.
- Lindsay- Maybe I'm just shallow and I like her because she's got those gorgeous eyes that remind me of Lyndsy Fonseca. But her voice is spectacular and her performance is great too. The fact that the show paints her as the bitchy girl from your high school? I can live with that.

I know Alex is great, but I don't see where he would fit on the show. It seems like every aspect of his character has been done before.

SPOILER ALERT: I was super happy with the results tonight. I like McKynleigh. Her voice rocks and I'm hoping she can figure out how to bring it. Matheus I could take or leave, though I do like the picture Ryan painted for his character. Ellis though... God I'm so glad she is gone. I didn't like Bryce either. Things are truly going my way on this show!

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