Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Seven Kingdom Sum-up: Game of Thrones

So I was pretty worried about getting spoiled on The Killing and Game of Thrones this week. It turns out, neither of them was nearly as spoiler-able as last week. Which is not to say that either was bad- just that if you're like me, you needn't worry too much.

It's hard with shows like Game of Thrones, to figure out where to start. There are so many characters and so many story lines. In an episode like tonight's finale, there is an excess of information. Let's start with some closure. We had very little. Normally, when major characters are killed off of a series, it is done in a season finale, giving the characters an episode or two during the next season to mourn. When you kill off a character on the penultimate episode of the season, that's going to have to be some mighty quick grieving. And it was. Rightfully so, since everyone truly had a place to be.

Catelyn- Cries for about thirty seconds, then carries on. She also pays a visit to Jaime Lannister, smacking him in the head with a rock just like he deserves and just like I would want to do. He tells her that he pushed Bran out the window, but doesn't explain why. Shocker. 
Sansa- fainted after seeing her father killed. She remains betrothed to Joffrey, whose cruelty apparently knows no bounds. He takes her to see her fathers head on a spike to show what happens to traitors. He informs her that he will put a son in her soon. Lovely. Plus the ugly guy whose brother killed a horse seems to be looking out for her.
Robb- Murders a tree Blinkin style with his sword until his mother calls him back to reality explaining that they need to retrieve his sisters from Kings Landing. We learn that his fighters wish him to be king.
Jon- Deserts the Wall to go fight with his brother and avenge his father, but Sam and Co. come and get him back so that he is not beheaded for being a deserter. At the end of the episode, the entire night's watch seems to ship out to see what is going on north of the Wall as Winter is coming.
Bran- Explains his creepy dream about seeing his father in the crypt. We learn that his youngest brother, Rickon, had the same dream. Bran's new mate is apparently the ugly-turned-pretty wildling from north of the Wall.
Arya- The man who saved her from trying to stop her father's death, takes her away, cuts her hair and tells her that she is now an orphaned boy. He takes her to a collection of criminals and prisoners traveling north. Perhaps most importantly though, she makes fast friends with Gendry, whom we know as Chris from Skins as Robert Baratheon's true heir. Seems like that storyline is not quite over...

As for everyone else...

Tyrion- Speaks up wisely in a meeting with his father, who apparently suddenly sees his intellect and tells him to go act as hand of the king in King's Landing- without his whore. He brings the whore anyway. Methinks she will be trouble.
Cersei- Apparently now sleeping with another Lannister- honestly one is gross, but two is just certifiable.
Daenerys- wakes to find that her baby is dead. Khal Drogo is some kind of brain dead apparently. She ends up killing him, burning his body on a pyre along with her dragon eggs and the live witch who killed both her husband and son. She walks into the fire, and when everyone wakes up in the morning, she stands, naked, with three baby dragons. Her people bow.

Random seeming nonsequitor: Grand Maester Pycelle can walk and move perfectly fine. He plays his role of feeble fool. Maybe this will be useful later...

It seems a little upsetting that Game of Thrones won't be back next week after such a busy episode, but I'll be waiting patiently for its return. And in the meantime, I'll have True Blood!

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