Sunday, June 19, 2011

Throwback Classic: Clueless

The truth is, I spent the better part of my childhood pretending not to like Clueless. My sister was "the popular one" and this movie was her anthem prelude to the bible that would be Bobbi Brown's Teenage Beauty. Naturally, it was not my cup of tea. But with growing up, I've found it's impossible to deny my love for this classic.

Sure, growing up I missed some of Clueless' finer jokes, like Cher's comical mispronunciation of Spartacus, as sporaticus. I was far too young to notice that Christian was gay or find the humor in Cher's blindness to it. I couldn't really comprehend the irony of the large life lessons found in tiny, unlikely places: like realizing the briefness of life after unexpectedly driving on the highway.

What Clueless has that you just don't see enough anymore, is a heroine who stays true to herself even as she's learning about herself. If anything, we are the ones who learn to see Cher for than just a vapid valley girl as she learns that it's okay for her to date Josh and for Tai to date Travis. She has more brains than people give her credit for- and she drank Starbucks several years before the world realized its awesomeness.

Clueless not only spawned a mediocre sitcom but also made teen-household names of Alicia Silverstone, Brittany Murphy, a young, adorable Paul Rudd and Scrubs' Donald Faison. You may also recognize Breckin Meyer (now on Franklin and Bash) as Travis, Wendell Shawn as Mr. Hall, Law & Order's Jeremy Sisto as Elton and even Stacey Dash, beloved Dionne of both the movie and TV series, who has a new show called Single Ladies. Not to be ignored is a great soundtrack for nostalgia purposes- vintage No Doubt, Salt-N-Peppa, The Counting Crows, Jewel, The Cranberries... it's timeless.

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